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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ireland is to see the first celebration of a Christian religious service based on the songs of rock band U2.

March 29, 2007

Ireland is to see the first celebration of a Christian religious service based on the songs of rock band U2.

Dubbed the U2charist, the event originated in the US and features songs by the group that strike a religious note.

Now two Church of Ireland organisations in Dublin have banded together to arrange a Sort of Homecoming for the service, with its first Irish performance set for St George`s and St Thomas` Church on Sunday April 1. One of the organisers of the Palm Sunday service insisted, however, that it would be celebrating the Christian faith and not the Irish rockers.

"This service isn`t about the worship of U2, it`s about the worship of Jesus Christ," said Greg Fromholz, of the Christian group 3Rock Youth.

"The U2charist is a great opportunity to reach out to the people in your congregation and larger community, especially young people."

The U2charist service is a liturgy that uses the lyrics and music of U2 songs, many of which are inspired by the Christian beliefs of the band members.

Organisers say the service was originally designed to call people worldwide to a deeper faith and engagement with God`s mission of global reconciliation, justice for the poor and oppressed, and the importance of caring for your neighbour.

All are welcome to attend the U2charist which is to be led by rector of St George and St Thomas` Revd Katharine Poulton and features the Discovery Gospel Choir.

The Dublin event will have a special emphasis on the church`s Millennium Development Goals, including issues such as HIV/Aids and global poverty.

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